Victor Thompson joins Gunna on stage to perform hit single ‘This Year’

Just like Afrobeats, African gospel music is now positioned for global dominance.

During Gunna’s concert at the YouTube Theatre in Los Angeles, he invited Victor Thompson to join him on stage, and they both performed the hit song This Year.

Victor Thompson is a popular gospel songwriter and singer. His latest hit song, This Year, is an original collaboration with Ehis D, but for Gunna’s live show, he stepped into the role and sang a melodic and beautiful tune. “This Year” was rated No. 43 on the Top 50 List of the Afrobeat chart and moved up to No. 35 in February.

Gunna’s concerts come after his latest controversy with Young Thug. Both were charged with a RICO indictment, including a combined 65 charges filed against Young Thug, Gunna, and fellow Young Street Life (YSL) associates. Prosecutors claim that YSL is linked to the Bloods and is considered a “criminal street gang” responsible for a string of violent offences in the Atlanta region, including acts such as murder and armed robbery.

Gunna has been dealing with allegations against him for snitching since he walked away from the case scot-free.

Victor Thompson has also recently collaborated with Limoblaze on his new single, My Matter, featuring fellow UK artist Becca Folkes. Afrogospels has come and is here to stay.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding a remix collaboration between the two artists, fans have already begun referring to their live performance as a remix on various platforms.

Fans have taken to X formerly known as Twitter to express their surprise and love for this unexpected duo. @tyro1k said “Gunna on Afrobeats is heavenly”

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