Victony radiates brilliance in new single ‘No Joke’

Music lovers have been treated to an exciting wave of creativity as Victony, the versatile singer and rapper, continues to captivate fans with his incredible music. This time around, he has unveiled a brand new single that goes by the enticing title, No Joke. Victony’s relentless output of good music has earned him considerable attention and acclaim, and No Joke only adds to his impressive catalog.

In a span of just five months, Victony has been on a music spree, consistently delighting his fans with an array of music. Not too long ago, he gifted his fans with the viral tune, Jaga Jaga, a collaboration with Bad Boy AV. Before listeners could even fully immerse themselves in the vibes of the song, Victony unveils No Joke, without wasting time.

The tracks that have emerged from Victony’s creative vault in recent months read like a journey through different emotions and moods. From the introspective Jaga Jaga to the heartfelt tenderness of My Darlin and the ethereal melodies of Angelus, Victony has consistently showcased his versatility as an artist. With No Joke, he once again offers a fresh perspective, proving that he’s an artist who refuses to be confined to a single style.

On No Joke, Victony immerses himself in the essence of the music, delivering his verses with a seamless and compelling flow that effortlessly complements the mellifluous instrumental backdrop provided by gifted beatmaker, Risc. The song was mixed and mastered by the talented Tyler Chase.

Listen to No Joke here.

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