Victony promises ‘Everything’ in passionate new single

Nigerian singer cum rapper, Victony is back with a love-inspired song that promises “Everything,” and it’s not just a casual fling. Co-produced by the talented Blaise Beatz and Victony’s partner in rhyme, KTIZO, this new single dives deep into the emotional ocean of devotion, exploring themes of commitment, sacrifice, and unwavering love.

On Everything Victony stays true to his signature sound. However, he moves into a more soulful and introspective territory. The song’s melody is reminiscent of classic love ballads, with a captivating instrumental which sets the backdrop for Victony’s passionate vocals. His lyrics, filled with heartfelt sincerity, detail the lengths he’s willing to go for his love interest, pledging every aspect of himself – his time, his heart, his very “everything.”

Blaise Beatz and KTIZO’s production complements Victony’s vulnerability perfectly. The beat is apt, leaving the spotlight on the singer’s emotions. Subtle guitar riffs and soft percussion add depth and texture, creating a sound that’s both intimate and captivating.

Coming from his previous release, the mega collab, Ohema, which features a lineup of guest artists, Victony’s latest offering progresses in the same trajectory. With Everything, he proves himself to be a real artist; he’s a storyteller capable of weaving relatable narratives that bares the soul.

Listen to Everything here.

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