Vector, Bella Shurmda share reflective single ‘If They Are Real’

The Nigerian music scene has started the year on a high note with renowned rapper, Vector unveiling a deeply introspective track titled, If They Are Real. The new single marks Vector’s first offering of 2024, following his notable participation in the reimagined version of ID Cabasa and 9ice’s Photocopy. The song showcases Vector’s signature introspective lyricism, delving into themes of authenticity and the challenges of distinguishing genuine intentions in a world filled with pretense.

To elevate the track further, Vector smartly enlisted the help of Bella Shmurda who’s celebrated for his unique vocal style and delivery. Bella Shmurda’s contribution to the track If They Are Real is nothing short of captivating, adding a layer of depth and soulfulness to the song. His voice complements Vector’s rap verses, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with listeners.

The lyrics of the track, If They Are Real, strike a chord, as Vector and Bella Shmurda navigate the complexities of human relationships and the prevalence of deceit. They weave a narrative that reflects on the difficulty of identifying true friends amidst a sea of disingenuous people. The line “So many fake people closing in my life, but Jah open my eyes,” poignantly captures the essence of the song – a grateful acknowledgment of the ability to see through facades, coupled with an appreciation for those who remain genuine.

Behind the scenes, the production of the song was masterfully handled by That BeatSmith. His expertise in crafting the engaging and atmospheric beat set the perfect stage for Vector and Bella Shmurda’s vocal performances. The production quality ensures that the message of the song is not just heard but felt, making the listening experience both enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Listen to If They Are Real here.

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