Unleashing the Power Within: The Inspirational Journey of Christian Ability (CEO Naijawavez Blog)

Christian Ability, also known as Wavezboss, is a true testament to the power of passion and determination. From starting a successful blog to establishing an online TV platform, he has proven that with hard work and vision, anything is possible. His achievements inspire us all to chase our dreams and make a difference in the world.”

Wavezboss, also known as Christian Ability, is well known for his blog Naijawavez. He is a Blogger, Business Man, Online entrepreneur, Webmaster, Contents writer, founder of BAC Awards, and Naijawavez Online TV. The Naijawavez blog was started by him in 2015 and the first Award Program tagged “Naijawavez Best Art Category (BAC)” was run by him in 2017, which was a massive success and is still a success till date with his team. Wavezboss, also known as Christian Ability, is a well-known figure in the online world. He is a multifaceted individual, excelling in various fields such as blogging, entrepreneurship, and web development. Naijawavez, a popular blog, was started by him in 2015 and has become a go-to source for news, entertainment, and lifestyle content. In addition to his blogging endeavors, Wavezboss is also a successful businessman and online entrepreneur. Naijawavez Online TV, a digital platform that provides engaging video content, was established by him using his skills. Furthermore, the BAC Awards were created by him in 2017, focusing specifically on the art category, and garnered immense success and continues to thrive under his guidance and the support of his dedicated team. Christian Ability is a visionary leader who has made significant contributions to the online community, and his achievements continue to inspire others. His Early Life & Education Wavezboss is a native of Akwa Ibom State, born on November 15th. He grew up in Port Harcourt, River State. He was born into a Family of Five, he’s the second child of his parents. After his secondary education, his studies in computer engineering and other I.T related courses were furthered at Government Technical College (GTC). Wavezboss’ path crossed with Vivian Anthony and Williams Jawelz, and great moves have been made ever since on the rebranding of Naijawavez blog and Naijawavez Online TV, which is geared towards airing people’s opinion on the happenings in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. In February 2018, the office of Naijawavez TV was formerly launched alongside with an Official Graphic Designer endorsed, in person of DJ Smash, owner of “360CreativeLabz”. On March 17th, 2023, Christian Ability officially launched his new photo-studio named “@Dbozzfotostudio” in the city of Port Harcourt.