Spyro releases new single, ‘Only Fine Girl’

Recently, Spyro has been riding a wave of success following his triumphant win in the “Best Collaboration” category for his hit track, Who’s Your Guy, at two prestigious award ceremonies – the Headies and Afrimma. With these accolades still fresh in his arsenal, Spyro is now ready to introduce his latest musical composition to the fans, which comes in the form of the lead single from his upcoming EP titled, Next Rated.

Only Fine Girl is a composition that stands as a testament to Spyro’s talents, characterized by a harmonious fusion of compelling melodies, entrancing rhythms, and profound lyrical depth. As listeners engage with this track, they find themselves immersed in a vibrant auditory experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving a mark on their musical sensibilities.

This single, Only Fine Girl, is not merely a standalone release; rather, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into the broader artistic vision that Spyro has meticulously crafted for his Next Rated EP. It is a precursor, a musical appetizer, designed to pique the curiosity and anticipation of his audience. Those who possess a deep appreciation for music that goes beyond the superficial will undoubtedly find themselves resonating with Only Fine Girl on a profound and deeply emotional level.

Behind the scenes, the production of Only Fine Girl is skillfully helmed by the talented BashAnything, adding another layer of sweetness to this musical piece. Spyro’s collaboration with the gufted record producer has resulted in a track that not only captivates the ears but also resonates with the heart.

Listen to Only Fine Girl here.

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