Ruger gets unfiltered in freestyling fury with ‘Blown Boy’

This year we no gree for anybody, pa pa pa for anybody,” these are his opening lines as Ruger blows hot in his latest freestyle titled, Blown Boy. The opening lines set the tone for a candid and unfiltered track that sees Ruger address everything from his recent career move to his unwavering self-assuredness.

Fresh off his departure from Jonzing World, D’Prince’s record label, Ruger isn’t holding back. Lines like “And I denounce any loyalty to some godfather” have social media buzzing, with many speculating that this is a direct reference to his former label boss. Whether it’s cryptic messaging or a bold declaration, it’s clear that Ruger is ready to move on and carve his own path.

But Blown Boy however, isn’t all about settling scores. Ruger also flaunts his signature bravado, declaring, “ta ta ta for any shawty,” reminding everyone that his ladies’ man persona remains intact. He confidently claims, “This year I’m making myself the top pick,” leaving no doubt about his ambitions for 2024.

The fiery freestyling wouldn’t be complete without some shots at the haters. Ruger throws down the gauntlet with lyrics like, “And I break every chain anywhere dem don conspire against me,” making it clear that he won’t let negativity hold him back.

Produced by his long-time collaborator, Kukbeatz, Blown Boy Freestyle marks Ruger’s second release of the year, following the collaborative track, All of Us. If this freestyle is any indication, 2024 is shaping up to be a very hot year for the talented artist.

Listen to Blown Boy Freestyle below.

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