Ruger assists Kukbeatz in new single ‘All of Us’

Whenever you hear “kukuruku” in a beat, it signifies the unmistakable touch of Kukbeatz, the gifted record producer behind numerous hits, with a particularly strong association with Jonzing World artist, Ruger. This enduring partnership has proven itself since the release of Ruger’s debut EP, Pandemic, attesting to a synergy that is awe-inspiring. On their latest offering, Kukbeatz and Ruger join forces once again on the new single titled, All of Us.

On the new single, Kukbeatz once again takes the reins of the instrumental, crafting a backdrop that pulsates with rhythm and energy. Ruger, with his distinctive vocal prowess, seamlessly intertwines with the beats, creating a harmonious fusion that results in a truly beautiful composition. The track stands as a testament to the duo’s ability to consistently produce quality music time after time.

The lyrical narrative of of the track, All of Us, delves into a more reflective and humorous side of Ruger’s artistry. Known for his witty and charismatic persona, Ruger uses the platform to address the facade of the celebrity lifestyle within the music industry. The hook of the song encapsulates this theme succinctly: “this celebrity lifestyle seff, all of us just dey lie.” Ruger infusing humor and commentary into his lyrics adds depth to the track, making it not only a catchy tune but also a thought-provoking piece.

To further enhance the sonic experience, the mixing and mastering of the track is skillfully executed by Milla Mix, adding a layer of polish to the final product. The attention to detail in the production process contributes to the overall cohesiveness of the track, ensuring that every element, from the beats to the vocals, is finely tuned for maximum impact.

Listen to All of Us here.

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