Odumodublvck releases ‘Eziokwu’ deluxe edition

Since the moment the Eziokwu mixtape graced the airwaves, it has been nothing short of a phenomenon, eliciting a wave of excitement from fans and abundance of rave reviews. For many people, Eziokwu has seamlessly etched its place among the cherished favorites of the year. The accolades bestowed upon the Eziokwu mixtape are not merely hyperbole; rather, they attest the sheer brilliance encapsulated within the project.

However, the journey with Eziokwu is far from over, as the Native Records rapper Odumodublvck, has chosen to augment the mixtape with the unveiling of an extended deluxe edition. The enhanced rendition boasts a formidable lineup of 21 songs, an augmentation of seven additional tracks. As if that weren’t enticing enough, the deluxe edition introduces a star-studded cast of collaborators, elevating the project to appeal to more fanbases.

The new roster of artists featured on Eziokwu deluxe edition includes the likes of Duncan Mighty, Nasty C, Teni, Black Sherif, and Boj, each lending their unique voices to this already stellar mixtape. The infusion of these diverse voices adds layers of richness and complexity, creating an auditory experience that attracts listeners with its sheer diversity.

Yet, Eziokwu deluxe edition is not merely an exercise in expansion; it serves as a canvas upon which Odumodublvck paints a more intricate portrait of his identity and worldview. Across the 21 tracks that constitute this extended edition, the Native Records rapper artfully explores the contours of his Okporoko sound, playfully pushing its boundaries while steadfastly remaining true to himself, his convictions, and his community. It is not just a collection of songs; it is a narrative, a lyrical and sonic journey that unfolds with each track, revealing layers of depth and nuance that invite the audience to delve deeper into the artist’s creative psyche.

In both word and action, Odumodublvck exemplifies a commitment to authenticity, using his music not just as a form of self-expression but as a conduit to connect with his roots and resonate with a broader audience. Eziokwu deluxe edition attests to Odumodublvck’s artistic growth, creativity, and unyielding dedication to his craft.

Listen to Eziokwu deluxe edition here.

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