On the 20th of September natives from the Egi community , Rivers State made a peaceful Protest to Total Energies at Trans Amadi Port Harcourt making demands that Total Energies should obey the court order of a pending suit at the federal High Court, Port Harcourt. The court order was against the concerted effort by Total Energies to released funds from the obagi Oilfield Host Community Development Trust Fund to the board of trustees and to inaugurate the Advisory and management community which constitute contempt of a subsisting order of the court .

The Natives from Egi community who were men , women and youths held placards with inscription such as: Total must obey court Order, Total Respect Egi’s people’s choice, Adolphus Akumakwuhie and his cohort must be sacked etc . The protesters met with one Mr Henry Ehuike, The manager, Stakeholders engagement strategy and mgt in Total. In addressing Mr Henry, Mr Eleba who was the Spokeman of the people demanded the court order against any inauguration until the final determination of the matter should be obeyed by Total, he tendered a copy of their letter, Attached to the letter was the court order given by Hon Justice Dalyop Pam (judge) at the FHC/PH/CS/04/2023 restraining the organising, or participation in any inauguration.

The letter was received by Mr Henry who signed the acknowledgement copy and asked the name of the group, the protesters unanimously answered as the Egi’s Oil producing Host Community, in the bid to get a reaction from Mr Henry, he firmly stated that the letter will be forwarded to the appropriate quarters adding that he’s not in the official position to make any statement.

The press interacting with the protesters got comment from the following persons: Mr Thompson, Lady Gold ile, and the State coordinator of int’l human rights organisation, Rivers State chapter – Comrade John Ihua

Mr Thompson mentioned that they’re here because Total through Mr Adolphus Akumakwuhie, who is the legal manager of total Energies purport to inaugurate board of trustees. According to him, Mr Adolphus has a character of not obeying court , he concluded that if Total Fails to obey court order that the appropriate agencies will be involved and the tools of social media will use to create awarenesses on this.

Lady Gold ile an aged woman in her speech stated that the people of Egi are suffering and hungry, that while some people are enjoying and befitting from atotal , majority of the Egi community are hungry and suffering, that people who are not promoting their interest should be removed.

Comrade John Ihua who is the state coordinator of int’l human rights of the civil society, Rivers State , present to witness the Protest , stated that Total should obey court order, he mentioned that there’s an imminent danger of anarchy if Total Fails, considering the current insecurity issue at Ahoada which is a split of Egi community, he appealed that all parties should submit themselves and their will to the court retuning to status quo and not affecting the subject matter.