No Party In Nigeria Has Vision And Values, Everyone Is After Money” – APC Chieftain

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta State, Leroy Edozien has disclosed that people come together in Nigeria politics because of privileges and money.

NAIJASSADOR learnt that Edozien led this out this during an interview with Punch on Tuesday.

He argued that politicians in different parties would naturally come together and join forces if there is money or appointments to be shared.

According to him:

“Now, if you look at our party, the APC, not just APC, it applies to practically every party in Nigeria, you do not find the concept of shared vision and lofty values. People come together in Nigerian politics for two things: privileges and money.

“When there is money, that can bond people together, even if they are in separate parties, they come together because all of them want to share that money.

“Apart from money, the second is the privilege. When there are appointments or other privileges, cabals that are interested in those positions come together to ensure those privileges are given to them, their cronies, and family members.
“These money and privileges are two things that bring people together in Nigerian politics. The concept of unity based on shared lofty visions and values is alien to politics in Nigeria.”

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