Mr Eazi heralds debut solo album with new single ‘Advice’

Celebrated Nigerian artist, Mr Eazi has unveiled new music that not only serves as a sonic delight but also carries with it the highly anticipated title for his debut solo album, a project that has been a decade in the making. Titled Advice, the track represents the third single from his forthcoming album, now officially tagged as The Evil Genius, scheduled for release on October 27, 2023.

Advice comes to life through the deft production skills of Ghana’s own M.O.G. Beatz, whose musical prowess adds depth and authenticity to the song. It is a composition that showcases Mr Eazi’s willingness to delve into the darker, more introspective aspects of his life and experiences. During a particularly tumultuous period, Mr Eazi found himself grappling with the disintegration of some of his longest-standing relationships, a consequence of the immense success he had achieved.

As Mr Eazi candidly explains, the trajectory of an artist’s career often leads to an initial phase of adoration and unwavering support, followed by a challenging transition where individuals close to you may seek to undermine your ascent. This phase, characterized by betrayal and adversity, is, in his words, “the hardest stage” of an artist’s journey.

Advice is a lyrically dense offering, rich with references to African martyrs such as Joseph Kabila, the former president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Ken Saro-Wiwa, a prominent Nigerian writer, and activist whose unjust execution in 1995 sparked widespread domestic and international condemnation. Mr Eazi harnesses this charged energy, drawing inspiration from these figures and their indomitable spirits.

Through Advice, Mr Eazi invites listeners into a world where raw emotions, powerful narratives, and personal growth converge. It’s a testament to his ability to use music as a medium to convey his experiences and reflections, shedding light on the complexities of his journey in the music industry.

With The Evil Genius album on the horizon, fans can look forward to a deeply introspective and artistically evolved Mr Eazi. As he continues to push the boundaries of his artistry, he emerges as not just a musical talent but a storyteller who isn’t afraid to explore the shadows and complexities of life and success.

Listen to Advice here.

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