Magixx extols love interest ‘Maria’ in new single

Mavin Records singer-songwriter, Magixx has released a brand new single titled, Maria. This melodious creation follows in the wake of his earlier dual-track release, a captivating bundle that featured Colors (My Baby) and Loyal, both of which made their debut earlier this year.

Embracing the theme encapsulated within its title, Maria emerges as a heartfelt and intimate composition, weaving a tale of romance that is beautifully directed towards a significant love interest. With profound emotional resonance, Magixx channels his sentiments and feelings into the enchanting melody of Maria, crafting a lyrical narrative that speaks directly to the heart.

Magixx employs his artistic prowess to convey a plethora of romantic sentiments through his lyrics, using his voice as a vessel for his emotions. The lyrics delicately capture his affection, with lines such as “Sey me neva see your kind, e be for your love girl I be waiting,” underscoring the depth of his feelings and the longing he holds for his beloved.

The musical arrangement of Maria serves as the perfect canvas upon which Magixx paints his emotional piece. Produced by the talented beatmaker, Jon P, the song’s instrumental foundation is crafted with precision and care. The synergy between Magixx’s vocal performance and the musical accompaniment creates an ethereal ambiance that wraps itself around the listener, enhancing the impact of the song’s romantic essence.

Listen to Maria here.

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