Kanye West Bianca Censori still riding honeymoon phase waves

Kanye West is allegedly ‘smitten’ by his wife Bianca Censori because she allegedly ‘fulfils’ him like no body else.

These revelations into the couple’s private dynamics have been brought to light by an inside source close to Us Weekly.

During the course of this chat, the inside source in question broke everything down while referencing the couple’s nuptials.

For those unversed, Kanye and Bianca tied the knot in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills, at the start of this year.

In light of this, the insider claimed, “Kanye and Bianca are in the honeymoon phase, they are always all over each other and showing affection.”

At the moment, “They are having a blast traveling right now and Kanye has been very inspired.”

During the course of their chat, the insider also went as far as to reference converastion with Kanye himself, and admitted, “He says he’s designing, writing music and being inspired.”

Even the 28-year-old is helping Kanye in his work, “and they both think their fashions are going to be culture shifting.”

Because of Bianca, “Kanye feels he’s on the precipice of a big comeback,” the source also added before signing off.
A Timeline of Kanye West’s Relationship With Bianca Censori:

Kanye and Bianca’s relationship started sometime around January of 2023, when rumors started to swirl. This was around two months since the finalization of his divorce with Kim Kardashian.

Despite the fact that it is still unclear whether Bianca and Kanye’s marriage is legally binding, the duo branded it “very real” according to the outlet.

Kanye hasn’t found this kind of happiness in a long time. He feels like Bianca fulfills him in so many ways and understands him like nobody else ever has,” the insider noted. “He absolutely adores her and really appreciates how much she loves his children. Bianca is exactly what Kanye needed in his life and he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her.”

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