Joeboy returns with new single ‘Only God Can Save Me’

After basking in the success of his sophomore album, Body & Soul, Joeboy demonstrates his unwavering commitment to his journey, signaling that he has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. With a burst of creative energy, he graces the music scene with a captivating and introspective new single, aptly titled, Only God Can Save Me. The track, produced by talented beatmaker, Debo, delves deep into the essence of Joeboy’s inner thoughts, unveiling a raw and vulnerable side of the artist.

Only God Can Save Me takes us on a poignant lyrical journey where Joeboy, through his expressive and soulful voice, finds himself in a state of bewildering perplexity. The lyrics of the song are imbued with profound questions about trust, loyalty, and the reliability of the people in his life. He contemplates his vulnerability with lines like, “If I dey down na who go lift me up, If battery low na who go charge me up.”

In the depths of his introspection, Joeboy candidly acknowledges that, in his moments of need, only God can save him. The title, Only God Can Save Me, exhibits his growing skepticism about the trustworthiness of the people around him, especially when the chips are down. It’s a poignant exploration of the challenges and uncertainties that accompany the fame and fortune he has attained, where discerning true allies becomes an arduous task.

Only God Can Save Me stands as a poignant and introspective departure from Joeboy’s earlier works. It showcases his evolution as an artist and his willingness to confront the complexities of life and fame through his music. The track is Joeboy’s first release since the launch of his sophomore album, Body & Soul, back in May.

Listen to Only God Can Save Me here.

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