It’s Unfair To Rate Tinubu’s Performance Within Seven Months’ – Ex-Sports Minister

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Former Minister for Youth Development and Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi, has faulted people criticizing the administration of the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu within few months.

Bolaji disclosed that it would be wrong to rate President Tinubu’s performance within seven months of assuming office.

INFORMATION NIGERIA reports that the ex-minister made this known in an interview with The PUNCH, on Saturday, urging Nigerians to give the President, state governors and senators elected into office time before commenting on their performance.

Bolaji also urged Tinubu to seek the help of economic experts in confronting the country’s current challenge.

He said:

“The budget is an indication of what the government has to do. But President Bola Tinubu was sworn in May, we still need to give him sufficient time.

“This is someone who has always been President. Yes, the initial decision that he had to take was very hard, but I believe we need to give sufficient time to the people we have elected, including the senators, House of Representatives members, governors, and others. I don’t think it is fair to determine their performance within seven months.

“Though I have not had time to look at the details of the budget, the important thing is the effectiveness of its implementation. The budget showed there are deficits. This implies that the government will be involved in more borrowing. You can see that there is a structural quagmire that has been carried over the years. What the government needs to do is bring in people who are experts in this kind of situation.

“This country is blessed with such people. It may not be people in government. We have people in the Diaspora and the private sector. Bring in anybody who has very important conditions in dealing with the economic situation of this country. The economic situation is very serious. The budget indicates that the government is aware that we are in a very serious situation.

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