IPOB Tells FG- We Will Not Disband ESN

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has vowed not to disband its militant arm, the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

This was made public in a press release by spokesperson of the secessionist group, Mr Emma Powerful on Monday.

The group was reacting to claims by Nigerian security agencies, that IPOB had camps in the forest and that security forces recently destroyed the camp of IPOB and ESN in forests located in parts of Anambra and other Southeastern states.

IPOB insisted it had no camps in forests in the states mentioned, insisting that it was all government propaganda, just to link any alleged criminal hideouts to IPOB and that such a move would be resisted.

He said the existence of ESN has saved the South East from being annexed by rampaging Fulani herdsmen, who have overtaken Benue and Plateau States.

“ESN exists to keep the East safe from the ravages of killer herdsmen now plaguing the entire middle belt and people like them.

“Since the launch of ESN by our Supreme Leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU, the main objective of ensuring the safety of farmlands in the East has been accomplished. Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen have had no locus to operate in our farmlands and territory.

“The mischievous mischaracterisation of the activities of ESN that saved the entire south-east and south-south from the murderous onslaught of killer herdsmen now ravaging Benue State and Plateau axis should not be trivialised by attributing any alleged criminal hideout to ESN.

“ESN Operatives have no criminal camps. We know there is a concerted effort by those seeking the weakening of ESN in order to launch a murderous invasion of the East under the guise of a farmer/herder clash.

“Had it not been for ESN, Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen would have taken Enugu, Anambra Ebonyi, Imo and Abia States.

“ESN has come to stay with Biafrans and nothing will change the objectives of the outfit,” Powerful stated.

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