ID Cabasa reimagines ‘Photocopy’ with Vector and 9ice: Listen

Nigerian veteran record producer, ID Cabasa has graced the music scene once again with his new single, Photocopy Reimagined; a reimagined version of 9ice’s classic record, Photocopy. featuring two veterans, Vector and 9ice. This track, a refreshing take on the 2008 classic from 9ice’s Gongo Aso album, combines electrifying beats, insightful lyrics, and dynamic vocals.

The song showcases ID Cabasa’s exceptional ability to blend traditional and contemporary sounds, creating a timeless piece. Vector, known for his articulate rap and deep lyrics, adds a unique depth to the track, while 9ice’s melodious voice and distinctive style infuse it with cultural richness.

Photocopy Reimagined is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of Nigerian music’s diversity and creativity. The track is complemented by a visually striking music video directed by The Peacock, offering a complete audio-visual experience.

As the release of Photocopy Reimagined touches down, it stands as a promising and groundbreaking collaboration, set to make a significant impact on the Nigerian music industry.

Listen to Photocopy Reimagined Version here.

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