I Was Gentle With Her, Weather Was Cold’ – Man Arrested For Raping Five-Year-Old Girl Alleges

A man identified as Yellow has been arrested in Ibere, Abia State, for allegedly raping a 5-year-old girl inside a room.

Yellow confessed to having sexual contact with the minor, noting that he lured the girl with groundnuts.

The suspect, while pleading for forgiveness, revealed that the devil misled him to commit the heinous act.

He further claimed that the chilling weather from the rain had heightened his desires.

According to the suspect, he was sitting with some friends, eating groundnuts, when he later entered the building to retrieve something.

Upon entering the building, he saw the girl and offered her some groundnut seeds, after which she followed him inside, where he assaulted her.

The suspect further claimed that he attempted to be gentle with the child during this despicable act.

A source revealed that the assaulted child had been rushed to the hospital by her family for immediate medical attention.

The source also mentioned that the 35-year-old rapist was handed over to local security personnel for subsequent transfer to the police, who would conduct a thorough investigation.

The mob who caught the suspect in the act brutally beat him.

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