Dremo releases new single ‘She Dey Give Dem’

Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter, Dremo has once again graced the music scene with a sizzling new single, enticingly titled, She Dey Give Dem. The latest offering from the talented rapper serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come in the year ahead.

As the title suggests, She Dey Give Dem is a track that doesn’t shy away from the risqué, as Dremo fearlessly embraces the use of naughty lyrics set against an infectious instrumental crafted by The Beat Murderer. From the very onset, it’s evident that Dremo is unapologetically going all in, using his lyrical prowess to paint a vivid picture of the subject at hand.

In this audacious track, Dremo leaves nothing to the imagination as he vividly describes the alluring attributes of the woman in question. With lines like “For my face she ride plenty mileage,” Dremo adopts a bold and explicit approach, capturing the essence of desire and physical attraction with a raw and unfiltered intensity.

Beyond its raunchy lyrics, She Dey Give Dem plays a strategic role in Dremo’s musical trajectory. Serving as the year closer for the artist, it sets the stage for what promises to be a potentially successful 2024. Dremo strategically positions himself to leave a lasting impression on listeners, ensuring that his presence lingers in their minds well into the new year.

The Beat Murderer as the producer for this track adds an extra layer of depth to the sonic experience. The infectious instrumental not only complements Dremo’s explicit verses but also elevates the overall appeal, creating a track that is not easily forgotten.

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Listen to She Dey Give Dem here.

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