Davido drops ‘Unavailable’ remix with Latto

Davido has undeniably accomplished a remarkable array of achievements throughout his career, leaving very few stones unturned in his pursuit of musical excellence. However, there remains one task his fans currently need from him: securing a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This particular accomplishment might hold significance due to the fact that the United States stands as the global epicenter of the music industry, with the Billboard Hot 100 acting as a quintessential gauge of international triumph. This trend has especially been observed among African artists, particularly those from Nigeria, who have come to view a presence on the Billboard Hot 100 as a definitive marker of their international success. Notably, artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, Rema, CKay, Tems, Fireboy DML, Amaarae, and Libianca, among others, have achieved the remarkable feat of securing placements on the Billboard Hot 100, amplifying their global recognition.

The discernible absence of a Billboard Hot 100 entry in Davido’s discography has sparked contemplation on the trajectory of his career in recent times. Given his prodigious talents and unwavering dedication, it is only natural to speculate that this omission is merely a temporary state of affairs. Evidently, Davido’s latest album, entitled Timeless, has become a pinnacle of his artistic journey, replete with tracks that have traversed vast geographical landscapes, resonating with audiences across the world. However, despite this widespread appeal, the elusive American market has proven to be a challenging frontier to conquer for the project. Mind you, Davido’s record in the United States is incredibly impressive, as he has previously earned RIAA platinum and gold certifications with the chart-topping hits, Fall and If respectively.

In a strategic maneuver to bridge this gap and extend the reach of his music to the American audience, Davido has undertaken a decisive action: he has released a remix of his hit track, Unavailable, a standout composition from his Timeless album. This remix notably features the collaboration of American rapper Latto, while retaining the soulful vocals of South African singer Musa Keys. The musical landscape of this remix has been deftly crafted through a collaborative effort, involving the co-production talents of Magicsticks and Rage.

Latent with anticipation, this remix brings a novel dimension to the already captivating track, expertly infusing it with Latto’s signature allure. The intention behind this collaboration is to fuse the rich and vibrant flavors of Afrobeats with Latto’s distinct style, creating an amalgamation that is not only musically enthralling but also capable of resonating with a diverse range of listeners. Through this remix, Davido seeks to further introduce Unavailable to the discerning ears of American audiences, harnessing the power of cross-cultural collaboration to potentially penetrate the huge market.

Listen to Unavailable here.

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