Darkovibes releases third studio album ‘BUTiFLY’

Darkovibes has always been a tantalizing enigma in the music scene, consistently eluding any attempts at categorization. He’s known for his adventurous forays into a myriad of musical genres, seamlessly blending Afropop, highlife, trap, EDM, and soul to craft a distinct and unclassifiable sound. However, it was with the release of his debut album in 2020, Kpanlogo, that he marked a pivotal moment in the Ghanaian music scene. This enigmatic artist managed to inject his freewheeling creativity into the heart of the Ghanaian mainstream while paying homage to the Jamestown suburb of Ghana, his hometown.

In the three years that have followed, Darkovibes has continued to captivate his audience with a transformative sonic vision, constantly making bold and inspiring choices that have had a profound impact on Ghana’s alternative music scene. Much of this time has been spent globetrotting while painstakingly sculpting his next musical masterpiece.

In 2023, Darkovibes unveils BUTiFLY, an album that breathes life into his artistic vision like no other. Across 17 tracks, he weaves a tapestry that seamlessly threads through pop, drill, dubstep, and funk. This seamless showing is a testament to the boundless creativity of his remarkable mind.

BUTiFLY opens with the edgy drill anthem, YAO, setting the tone for what follows. However, it’s the languid post-R&B concoctions that truly define the album, meticulously produced and as captivating as they are innovative. Tracks like Mine, which integrates the percussive bass of Afropop, offer a smoky and abstract take on modern R&B.

Darkovibes continues his tradition of inviting some of West Africa’s leading pop stars to join him on this musical journey. Oxlade, for instance, delivers a stunning verse and bridge over the rhythmic drums of Feel Your Body, while Omar Sterling adds his magic touch to bring the ladies’ anthem, WOW, to vibrant life.

Listen to the BUTiFLY album here.

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