Darkoo and Omah Lay combine forces for new single ‘Whiskey’

Amidst the anticipation that rippled through social media, Darkoo has graciously lifted the veil on a highly-anticipated single, Whiskey, featuring one of Africa’s most gifted artists, Omah Lay. The unveiling of this track marks an elating occasion for fans who had eagerly awaited the collaboration between these two talents.

Whiskey is as a bouncy and upbeat tune, infused with a carefree vibe that captivates listeners from the very first note. The chemistry between Darkoo and Omah Lay is nothing short of magical, as they seamlessly blend their individual styles to create a harmonious piece.

The year draws to a close on a high note for Darkoo with Whiskey serving as the perfect punctuation mark. Following the release of her previous single, Shayo, featuring the talented Tion Wayne, Darkoo continues to solidify her position as a force in the music industry.

Omah Lay’s inclusion in the track adds an extra layer of brilliance to the composition. His signature style, characterized by soulful vocals and poignant lyricism, complements Darkoo’s energy, resulting in a song that is both captivating and memorable. Together, they navigate the rhythmic landscape of the song, delivering an incredible performance.

Listen to Whiskey here.

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