Black Sherif demands ‘Zero’ drama in new single with Mabel

Ghanaian rapper and singer-songwriter, Black Sherif is back with a brand new single, Zero, featuring the soulful vocals of Swedish singer, Mabel. Taking a detour from the introspective themes of his breakout hit Second Sermon, Black Sherif delivers a clear message: he’s craving peace and clarity in his life, free from relationship drama.

Produced by Joker Nharnah, Zero blends Black Sherif’s signature stlye with Mabel’s smooth and soulful chorus, creating a captivating sonic blend. The song paints a picture of someone yearning for a drama-free relationship.

Mabel’s presence adds a unique dimension to the track. Her vocals offer a soothing counterpoint to Black Sherif’s intensity, creating a dynamic interplay that underscores the song’s central theme. Together, they deliver a powerful message about wanting to break free from a toxic relationship.

With its clear message, catchy melody, and dynamic collaboration, Zero is one number to place a bet on. It’s a song that resonates with anyone who has ever craved a quality drama-free relationship – and a potential hit.

Listen to Zero here.

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