Awelewa wins the 2023 Face Of Naijawavez Contest



Adefunke Adebayo who is professionally known as Awelewa, born on June 19, 1999, in Ago Iwoye, Ogun State. Raised in the heart of Ago Iwoye, she experienced a rich blend of lifestyles that shaped her understanding of diverse cultures. While her roots firmly reside in Ago Iwoye, she also spent significant formative years before eventually transitioning to Ilese. Her journey led to achieve a Higher National Diploma in Dental Therapy from the Ogun State College of Health in Ilese Ijebu-Ode.


Presently, she undergo her internship at the prestigious University College Hospital, specifically within the Dental Center. This experience has been invaluable in shaping her practical skills and broadening and knowledge in the field of dental therapy.

Growing up in a nurturing middle-class family in Ago Iwoye, was guided by his father, a Divisional Officer in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, and her mother, a respected entrepreneur within the community. Together with her three brothers, shared a harmonious upbringing, fostering strong familial bonds despite on their age differences.


Awelewa educational journey has always been a passion since childhood. Throughout her academic years, she found solace and joy in learning. Although not a popular figure during her high school days, she develop love for reading and dedication to academics stood out. This dedication led her to participate in extracurricular activities like the Spelling Bee and Press Club, where she enthusiastically educated others on cancer, leveraging the agricultural teacher’s guidance.

Her focus lies in the field of dental therapy, a specialization she have ardently pursued. Beyond academics, she find solace in the art of modeling, using it as a means to momentarily escape reality. While she have not attended formal modeling school being in front of the camera gives her serene reprieve, akin to how others find solace in watching Netflix programs. She participated in online beauty contest held on Instagram, The winner would get a direct entry to another beauty pageant that was well recognized and promise the Ultimate “bragging right” but as fate would have it, she did not win.


After going through some traumatic experiences, she decided that she wanted to prove her worth as a human being, an opportunity came inform of a beauty contest, she submitted an online application, and a voting flyer was made and began to begged people to vote for her, both friends and family were able to turned up and Fortunately she became the first Runner up “Miss Congenality 2023”Top Model” in a well known brand “Face of Dazzling Queen International” and she was very happy and she couldn’t sleep throughout that night.

Not Quite long she saw a post on a friend’s page on Instagram on beauty contest and she believed this is another opportunity again, she did not even think it twice because she believed this is another Opportunity for her to Achieved another goals under another big brand known as NAIJAWAVEZ.

She was lucky enough to have a job that allowed her to pursue this challenge and people supported her and she made it to the top.

And she and other contestants was comed for the grand finale to claimed the Crown and Award. On the day of finale her mouth was so dry and she was sick from exhaustion. But she smiled through it because that’s what beauty queens do, right? From the moment they put the crown on her head as the 1st Runner up of “Face of Naijawavez Contest 2023” (FON). Miss Awelewa felt like she was lucid dreaming. It did not feel real to her at all. She have assumed that once she claimed the title, she would finally feel important. It made her so important to see her family’s gloating faces.

Her ultimate goal remains to become a successful dental therapist. Inspired by her oldest brother’s journey as a medical practitioner, she have considered various paths, including teaching. Currently, she actively engaged as a PTA teacher in a community primary school in Ago Iwoye, despite the deterrent tales I’ve encountered about the teaching profession.

Her present tenure at the University College Hospital, where she continuously learning and gaining invaluable experiences, fuels her aspiration to excel in the realm of dental therapy.

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