An invitation to visit kings…

Have you seen someone who got promoted because of his or her talents? Have you met someone whose life and story changed because of their gifts, or haven’t you heard of people moving from grass to grace because of their skills and expertise? Well, it does happen, and still happens. Let’s dive into this article by Naijassador to know what this is all about.

Before we begin, ensure to know that kings do not welcome the presence of just anyone, but dignitaries, graced and respected fellows, so to be invited by a king, count it all joy, cause it’s tough, you need to be worth the call.

One needs to be worthy of the call up by a king and to be worthy of that, one needs to earn it. Kings honor and respect those who are valuable and can be a blessing to them and help. These kings even in their places of high authority sought counsel, knowledge, and wisdom from people who were deemed fit to listen, that is the experts and legends in their fields and territories.

A king is a highly respected monarch exhibiting so much power and authority in a territory and cannot tolerate the presence of incapacitated or better still incompetent fellows. Kings only go for those who have something they need; so first you must have what is worthy of attracting a king before you can attract them.

Only Kings dine with kings except there is an extended favor to an exceptional commoner.

This extended favor hand is given to those who are deserving of it.

King Solomon a wise king made that statement, I’m sure he craved the presence of exceptionality even as king.

An invitation to visit Kings is not for the weary but for the diligent! Only the diligent, capacitated, and competent fellows are allowed to stand before his majesty!

This is a call to arise and gain mastery skillful fellows. Consistency, hooked with capacity, diligence hooked with passion, and a desire to succeed leads to mastery which eventually attracts kings like an unlike pole.

The whole idea of receiving an invitation to dine with kings is to enlarge your thinking horizon and become intentional about your growth and development as an individual, only when being intentional about these areas of life will you be found worthy to be in the presence of highly valued individuals, resolve to be intentional today.

Sugar attracts ants

Beautiful flower nectar attracts birds

Butterflies howler around blooming flowers

The diligent in their “business” attract kings.

Here’s an example from (the dreamer), in the Bible, he was able to identify his gifting as a dream interpreter and could do it very well, haven interpreted his father’s dream, and he went on ahead interpreting that of a king which paved way for him into prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Below are areas to work on to become good and worthy of invites from kings.

Your “business”

What has your hand found doing, I indulge you to gain mastery

What is that entitlement you’ve got, make it worthy.

In Joseph’s case, it is his gift of dream interpretation and he held onto it tightly.

Strive to attract an invite from kings, I bet you your life will never be the same.

Conduct and lifestyle

Be conducted in your speech, dressing, and appearance completely, you don’t want to look shabby and unworthy before a king.

Let your life be worth emulating, even the Kings will learn from you.

There’s a saying that your dress and appearance says a lot about you, well apparently, it’s true, your dress speaks and says a lot about you, and so also your words and actions.  Resolve today to be worthy of emulation all around in life, in words actions, and deeds.

In all and all, gain mastery, be capacitated, and be competent, all these can be done with due diligence, and in return, kings will line up before you for your help and you can boldly say “How can I help you, your majesty?”.





In conclusion, if you’re nothing, you’ll be disregarded and looked down on, if you’re something, you’ll be respected and looked upon, royalties will come to thy light and kings to the brightness of your rising, just do ensure you’re valuable and you keep putting in daily work and effort to become better.

To your continuous elevation.

Written by Elisha Bamaiyi

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