Ajebo Hustlers deliver new single ‘No Wam’

Renowned Nigerian duo, Ajebo Hustlers find themselves at an amazing time of their existence, reveling in the fruits of their hard-earned success. Mere hours after the electrifying news reverberated across the vast expanse of the internet, revealing that both members of this talented pair had indulged in the acquisition of two nearly identical cars, the question naturally arose: how best to commemorate this milestone if not by presenting their ardent fan base with a harmonious gift in the form of new music?

This eminent twosome, acknowledged far and wide for their unique musical style, has graciously unveiled their latest musical offering, christened, No Wam. In simpler terms, No Wam constitutes a charming flavour of Port Harcourt’s blend of Pidgin English, a linguistic concoction that translates seamlessly into the reassuring phrase, “no problem.”

The magic and allure of this musical composition stem from the gifted hands and creative genius of none other than the highly talented beatmaker, UCEE. With every note, chord, and rhythm expertly crafted, No Wam emerges as a testament to UCEE’s vision, further elevating the sound.

No Wam marks a significant juncture in Ajebo Hustlers’ musical journey, constituting their second official release for the current year. It stands as a compelling sequel to their previously well-received creation, You Go Know. With each musical endeavor they embark upon, Ajebo Hustlers consistently manage to capture the hearts and minds of their ever-growing fan base, as they continue to etch their names in the annals of the Nigerian music scene as one of the industry’s most exciting and enduring acts.

Listen to No Wam here.

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