90% Of Nigerian Women Have Nothing To Offer – VeryDarkMan Blows Hot

Social media critic, VeryDarkMan, has reacted to the viral video of Tolanibaj where she asserted that her body is what she brings to the table in a relationship.

He made a strong submission by revealing that the majority of women also fall into the category.

In response to Tolanibaj’s statement, VeryDarkMan stated that he was not surprised to hear that from her while emphasising how Nigerian women only invest more in their bodies lately.

He added that even married women are joining the League of BBL and the liposuction trend just to impress men other than their husbands.

He said:

“To be honest, there’s nothing to react to. The question is, did Tolanibaj lie? 90% of the women in Nigeria now do not get anything to offer. How many women in Nigeria get the sense now?

“We are in a country where wetin dey reign is liposuction and nyash. Even married women, doing different surgeries to attract other men; hustling, because that is what everybody is doing now.”

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