8th WONDERS Of The WORLD: Cameroonian woman welcomes 9 babies

A video is making the rounds on social media where a Cameroonian woman attracts an unending crowd as she arrives from the hospital after giving birth to 9 babies at once.

A viral video circulating on social media depicts a heartwarming scene as onlookers eagerly gather to celebrate the return of a mother who has recently given birth to her babies.

Upon her arrival back from the hospital, her neighbors were taken aback to witness her return accompanied by two cars brimming with people who had assisted her in carrying an infant each.

A curious neighbour was forced to ask and was told by the mother that she gave birth to nine babies. The video has since caused a buzz on social media as many send warm congratulations to the mother.

The mother who is now heading to the country’s capital city, Douala said she gave birth to 3boys and six girls.


A Cameroonian Woman gave birth to 9 kids.

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